Why catergig


Valuable Service & Increased Brand Awareness

There are countless ways that businesses at all stages can benefit from joining CaterGig. The best part of this app is that it's great for both customers and companies. Whether you run a bakery or a henna parlor, CaterGig gives you the chance to build your brand by focusing on a receptive audience: app-users!

Booking Catering Gigs Made Simple

Many choose to download the CaterGig app because it makes connecting with qualified suppliers easier than ever before. Now, you can scroll through different categories and find the best service in your area and for your budget. Booking a caterer got a whole lot simpler and more enjoyable.

Key Advantages


Free advertising

It costs nothing for businesses to sign up. You only pay after you close a sale. The app is also free for users perusing for services.

Building market trust

By joining a platform of UK service businesses, you get the chanceto develop your brand in a way customers can trust.

Diverse services

Since we showcase all types of companies, it encourages customers to book through the platform thanks to the ease of access.

Noticed by customers

Marketing is usually a major investment. With CaterGig, it costs you nothing. Simply choose your best images and get discovered.

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You are great at what you do - focus on that and let CaterGig take care of the rest. Finding and booking a caterer just got a lot more exciting.

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